1.Oh the righteousness of God

Has been revealed by the Father above

In that He gave His only Son T

o our ransom with His own blood

No man is righteous, no not one

All have fallen short of the glory of God

Oh, but His flesh was torn!

And the Father was appeased and we can now come


Chorus: In this one thing will I boast

In the Cross of Christ alone

Justified as a gift by His grace

In this redemption He has displayed His righteousness


2.The wrath of God has now ceased

Upon those who choose to believe

In the atonement that has been made

And the Father justifies them upon this faith

If we are baptized into His death

And crucified with Christ Jesus

If we will put to death the deeds of the flesh

And choose to walk by His Spirit



This is the Spirit of adoption

By this Spirit we cry “Abba! Abba!” x4

As the Children of God