Our Good Shepherd

cu Tim Miller | Christ The Wisdom, Christ The Power


Intro :The Lord is my shepherd (echo)

I shall not want (echo)

I shall not be afraid (single vocal)

You are my shepherd (echo)

I shall not want (echo)

We shall not be afraid (all vocals)

1.You put clothes on our backs, and food on our table

Send manna from heaven, because You are able

You feed the five thousand with a young boy’s meal

You save, You deliver, You rescue and heal

Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death

You lead us and guide us through the hardest of tests

Your rod and Your staff, they show us the way

You’ve provided our portion of bread today

Chorus: Our Good Shepherd, You are faithful

You’ve always seen us through

Your goodness and mercy, will follow us

All our days, till that Day, when we’re feasting with You

Intro repeat

2.You open Your hand and You satisfy

The thirst of all creatures You’ve given life

The birds of the air You give food and water

How much more so Your sons and Your daughters

As we make our way through this wilderness

You lead us on paths of righteousness

Through drought and famine You are the supply

Yes You are the well, that never runs dry