As for Me and My House

cu Tim Miller | Christ The Wisdom, Christ The Power



1.Wealth and riches, fame and fortune, empty vanities

Ease and comfort, love of money, lull the heart to sleep

Confidence in gold and silver, false security

Sets the stage for lawlessness, the great idolatry

Those who trust in mammon, taking refuge in a lie

Gain the whole world now, but in the end they lose their life

So the folly of this evil age, we leave it all behind

We resolve to know nothing but Messiah crucified

Chorus: /As for me and my house, we will boast in the cross

What was once to our gain, now we count it as loss

Well-fed or in want, we are Yours come what may

In life or in death, glorify the Lamb that was slain

The Lamb that was slain/

2.Clever talk, deceitful scheming, lust for human praise

Empty chatter void of power leads the flocks astray

A house of hay and stubble is the wisdom of this age

Never gonna’ make it through the fire of that Day

Well the man who loves is known by God, but knowledge fills with pride

The foolishness of God shines brighter than the sage’s light

So though the Greek may look for wisdom and the Jew look for a sign

We resolve to know nothing but Messiah crucified